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New Website Address and Fountain Hills Artists’ Gallery

Welcome to my blog! There have been some changes since I last blogged! First, we’ve changed the primary address of this blog from artsyfran.com to fransaperstein.com! Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds. Artsyfran.com will forward to the new address, but if you have a link to me, please change it to fransaperstein.com.

Now that the housekeeping is out of the way, I’d like to share some exciting news with you:

Fountain Hills Artists Gallery
I’m so excited to let you all know that my fabric and fiber art have been accepted to be one of the 35+ artists represented in the Fountain Hills Artists’ Gallery in Fountain Hills, AZ. It’s the premier co-op gallery in the Valley area. It’s an honor to be among such fabulously talented artists in this co-op.

Fountain Hills Artists' Gallery

Art Quilt & Quilted Handbag Display at Fountain Hills Artists' Gallery

On June 1, 2011 new members were officially welcomed at an evening reception. I am one of only two fabric artists in the gallery, and the only one representing art quilts and quilted handbags. It was a lovely reception and a great way to meet the rest of the artists.

To the right, you will find a photo of my part of the wall. Below the area that you can see is my purse display. All artists in the gallery get to have a 3-dimensional area for non-wall art or other art, like prints, etc. Instead of a print rack (which most of the wall art artisans have), I purchased a retail purse display. The handbags hang on it, along with some of my pouches and cell phone purses.

Handbags & Totes

Handbags, totes and pouches on handbag display at FHAG

In addition to the wall space, each artist has the opportunity to put some smaller, gift items in the gallery as well. In this “store” area, I have some small journals, original fabric collage greeting cards, smaller pouches, and art dolls.

As part of the gallery membership, I will be working there at least one day each month. When I go in this month, I’ll take some more photos of the gift areas and share some of the other artists’ art in the gallery. It’s really a lovely spot!

More blogging to come, I promise!

4 Responses

  1. Fran, how wonderful to have such a great place to show and sell your work. Congratulations!


  2. Judy Streger

    Congratulations. This is quite an achievement.


  3. Great stuff Fran!! Congrats!!


  4. Welcome back! Congratulations on the gallery representation! I’ll see you in a few weeks!


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